September 2

Even more progress!!!
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Working on the sanctuary
Working on the sanctuary
One of the contractors works on the framing in the sanctuary
Sub-Floor down and ladders up for painting
Sub-Floor down and ladders up for painting
Flooring is down, and the painting of the ceiling has begun...
Plastic up for painting
Plastic up for painting
Don't want paint drips...
New sub-floor
New sub-floor
Another look at the sub-flooring
Windows covered and taped for painting
Windows covered and taped for painting
Don't want paint on the windows either...
New framing where the ushers' desk sat
New framing where the ushers' desk sat
The ushers' desk is gone and double-doors will be going in.
New entry-way from the old front doors
New entry-way from the old front doors
yes, they'll be moving that conduit out of the way...
Sub-Floor is done
Sub-Floor is done
View from front to back of the sanctuary
Paint on the ceiling, primer on the beams
Paint on the ceiling, primer on the beams
The ceiling has been painted, and the beams have been primed.

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Signs of progress indeed!

The electricians have been working on the wiring, bringing us up-to-date and making some tweaks in the process… One example is that the sanctuary light switches will now be accessed from the Sound Tech’s area, making it easier for one person to handle from the back. (I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn our sound tech into a control freak {grin}).

New Conduit in the wall by the sound board

Some of the new conduit that has been run in the sanctuary…


Also, the first coat of sealant/primer has been applied in the sanctuary and other smoke-impacted areas, and the small lounge/cry room has had its second coat as well.

Front of the Sanctuary, 1st coat of sealant/primer applied

The cross has been masked off, and the first coat of sealant/primer has been sprayed on

Windows masked and taped

The windows are masked for painting

In addition to sealant, there are now color swatches painted in the small lounge so the redecorating task-force can see if the colors that looked good on the paint chips look good in real life.

Paint samples in the small lounge

The task force can now see if the colors that looked good on the paint chips look good in real life…

Signs of progress indeed!  Please keep the workers’ safety in your prayers.

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We’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern, and there are not any photo-worthy changes, hence the lack of photos in this post.

The new breaker panels are installed, and electrical work will commence in the next week.  We’ve received a list of covered items from the insurance company and it is being reviewed.

One good bit of news from the insurance company: since the UGM summer program is unable to use parts of the building, the insurance company is paying for an event-tent for the 6-week run of the summer program. (There will be photos once it is set up.)

That’s all the current news from the Fire Recovery front at MWPC.  As things get up to speed, these posts will come more frequently.


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Quick FYI, there will be no power at MWPC on the 16th and 17th as the defective breaker panels are replaced.  Please plan accordingly.  The power should be back on by Friday the 18th, barring any delays.

We continue to meet for worship at Parkside Elemenary School.  Be sure to join us on Sunday at 10:00.

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Here are a couple more pictures of the clean-up work that continues in the Sanctuary.

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GOOD NEWS!  The Fellowship hall, the kitchen, the Office and conference room are now officially accessible to us as of Thursday afternoon.  Adair received the OK from the City of Des Moines building department for MWPC use of these spaces.


CAVEAT:   If you need to use the Fellowship Hall, workroom or office area, they are available, but please DO NOT turn on the heat until the OK is given.




As we are currently without a secretary (and still without heat for a few days more), the office hours are going to be a bit irregular, even more so than they were in the time between Barbara’s departure and the fire.  Be praying as we are now going forward with the search for a secretary.


UGM will not be using our facility for the time being.  If you’re volunteering with the after-school program, please contact Geneva directly (206.432.0329 ) to find out where you need to be and when you need to be there.


Please plan on sticking around for table-talks after worship on Sunday, April 29th, as we discuss the plans for moving forward.



Dan, on behalf of the Council

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The work on the sanctuary has been rolling along.  All the pews have been removed, followed by the carpet, the tiles, and the drywall from the back area by the sound board.

The building remains closed through at least the 25th.  Stay tuned for updates on its reopening.



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Sorry for shouting, just wanted to make sure that everyone heard…

From today, 4/11, through Wednesday, 4/25, the building is off limits to anyone not under the direct authority of the insurance or remediation companies so that they can get their work done, and subsequently get us back in business sooner.

Thanks–The Council


In order for clean up/decontamination to take place, the church building is closed as noted above. That means in order to contact us, call our home phone please!

Until further notice, Worship will be at Parkside Elementary School, at 10 a.m.

Thank you!
Praise God:

April 11

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Members and friends of Marcus Whitman Presbyterian Church:  As you know by now, there was a fire in our sanctuary on April 3rd, the Tuesday of Holy Week.

This website is to keep you up to date on what the damage is, how the cleanup is going, and what our next steps are from here.

Please check back frequently.



Dan Camp

on behalf of the Council



Until further notice, Worship will be at Parkside Elementary School, at 10 a.m.

Praise God that no one was hurt, the damages are limited, that progress is being made. Please keep Sansung Korean Presbyterian Church and Union Gospel Mission programs in your prayers as they are also displaced. Thank You!!

April 11

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Sanctuary Fire

Photos showing the aftermath of the fire

Mixer Board, Computer, etc. on the floor

Progress in the Sanctuary

Work is progressing in the sanctuary

New sub-floor